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Discover nursing career opportunities in Canada with NurseRecruit. Our platform connects nursing students, new graduates, and experienced professionals, including NPs, RNs, RPNs, LPNs, and personal support workers, with top healthcare employers. Explore a wide range of nursing job openings and connect directly with leading employers through our virtual career fairs. We provide a streamlined recruitment process for nursing employers, allowing you to hire nurses efficiently and reduce costs. Join our community and elevate your nursing career or find exceptional nursing talent with NurseRecruit.





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Beyond Bedside Nursing VIRTUAL JOB FAIR

MAY 15TH, 2024
11:00AM-4:00PM EST

Cencora by Innomar Strategies
Government of Yukon
Indigenous Services Canada
Saskatchewan Health Authority
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New Grad Fall ’24 Healthcare Virtual Job Fair

September 25th, 2024
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST
Connecting New Graduate Nurses and Allied-Health with Ready to Hire Healthcare Employers
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Why You Should Attend Our Virtual Job Fairs


Connect with employers and gain valuable insight into different job opportunities within the nursing field.

Take advantage of our real-time chat and video capabilities to have direct access to job opportunities and employers. 

Learn about the additional resources we offer to get you career fair ready! 

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Connect with a diverse pool of nurses, new graduates, and students from across Canada.

Increase and promote your healthcare organization to a wider audience and attract top talent. 

Streamline your recruitment process by meeting multiple candidates in a few hours at a single online event. 

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Testimonials from Attendees & Employers

Clearport USA participated in NurseRecruit’s virtual job fair on March 27, 2024, we found this event through Google while looking for career fairs to participate in. We had never heard of nor participated in a virtual job fair before, but it definitely intrigued us. The whole process was very precise, Connor offered detailed material that made our decision to engage very easy.  Once we registered, setting up our virtual booth was simple and highly supported with the tutorial tools provided. The day of the event was very well attended, and we made a number of connections with RNs that have gone on to be candidates who are currently engaged in our program. Access to the database of attendees’ resumes was a huge bonus in our post event efforts to recruit Healthcare talent. NurseRecruit’s Virtual Job Fair was successful and valuable for us and we plan to attend other events in the future.

Being given the opportunity to attend a virtual career fair in 2022, allowed me to talk with nurses and listen to stories of those practicing currently about their careers and how different they are from one another. Having this opportunity really showed me that nursing does not have to only be bedside. Being given this opportunity allowed me to talk to a manager from a hospital that I was hoping to work at after graduation. I have now accepted a full-time RN position at this hospital, and I am so happy I had this opportunity as a nursing student to attend such a great event! 


Attending the career fair was such an important part of my undergraduate experience. I was able to learn about a lot of employment opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to access otherwise. That experience is what helped to secure a full time position in my preferred unit!


The Virtual Career Fair provided me with such an amazing opportunity to connect with various employers from different areas of Canada. The employers involved in the fair covered a variety of different areas and specialties of nursing which allowed me to learn more about the different paths and careers nursing has to offer. Attending this event was such a valuable experience and I highly recommend it to nursing students in all years of nursing!


I participated in the 2022 virtual career fair, which proved to be a crucial milestone during my transition from my third to fourth year of nursing studies. The virtual platform allowed me to converse with various recruiters from the convenience of my home, and I was presented with numerous job opportunities and networking contacts. The support and ease provided by the career fair team made the experience even more rewarding. I am pleased to share that I was offered a job just days after the event, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.


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